What is Live. Learn.Soar!?

We spend seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years contemplating what kind of life we have had so far, or would like to have. These contemplations make us lose sight of the blessings we already have. In a world where there are people living in poverty, where food, education, and water are a luxury, we lose sight of these blessings, especially when we feel the world is against us. When we feel that all hope is lost because we are backed up on our monthly bills, knowing that even though the paycheck just arrived the money has already been spent, literally or figuratively (whichever fits your current situation). As a result of all my contemplations, I decided to embark on an unconventional journey with myself and to share it with those willing to be a part of the journey by reading my blogs, whether it is for fun, amusement, because you know me and you would like to know what I am up to these days, or because you are a friend/family member and I made you read this post because you know I was very nervous about this and knowing your approval gave me more strength to move forward with this project or a simple human being that happened to stumble upon my blog.

Regardless of the reason why you are still reading this post, I want to welcome you and thank you for having read this far, it must mean I have mentioned something that you may have related to or the simple fact that you would like to know more about me and what this and future blogs are all about. Anyways, welcome to Live.Learn.Soar! (Words which by the way, I will tattoo on my ribcage or somewhere on my body in the future, though I have yet to work up the courage to do so, as I hate needles.) These words are my slogan for life, they have carried me through tough times, I will get to those later. For now, I want to celebrate the start of a new chapter, here I will share my life stories, joyful, heartbreaking, insightful, arduous, and celebratory tales of my life. I will share my inspirations, favorite books, quotes, places, people, and more. In this space, I will celebrate the life that I currently have, celebrate everything that has brought me to this moment and celebrate the moments to come. This space is for celebration, a celebration dedicated to the lessons and experiences that have made me who I am today, because no matter how happy or sad life has been, my life has prepared me for today, for this moment, and will continue to prepare me for what is yet to come.

I will close by sharing a quote from one of the people that have inspired me to be a better person, a better version of myself every day. Entertainer, Lilly Singh writes in the first chapter of her book How to be a Bawse, “If you can’t control people, then control your reaction to them. If you can’t control a situation, then prepare for it“. Interpret this whichever way fits your life at this very moment, use it as inspiration, and remember to Live.Learn.Soar!


Summer 2016—Savannah, GA—Railroad Museum


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