We have the power to change! Thousands of immigrants marched and took over the streets of NYC
We have the power to create! Hundreds of people walked out and took over City Hall
We have the power to help! Thousands of people marched to the end of the world to cure strangers of AIDS

I have heard many say “with great power comes great responsibility”. But do you know what it means to have power?

Power does not mean to shoot your innocent brother fifty (50) times
Power does not mean blaming the rich when you ain’t doing anything about it
Power does not mean to talk the talk but not walk the walk

Power means that every time you leave work and march down the streets the country looses billions in profit
Power means that a young girl is educating grown men in Chiapas, Mexico
Power means that a community protects itself
And power means that communities teach one another

Yes, many people don’t see
Yes, many people believe
Yes, many people make change
Yes, let’s break up the chains

The chains of reality
The chains of humanity
The chains of truth
The chains of society

We can blame the world
We can blame ourselves
We can blame our Momz
We can blame our hopes

Why do we blame others?
When it’s our own mistake
Why we don’t believe?
When we can make the change

I have the power
I have the tools
I have the people
And, how about you?

JAN 20TH 17


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