I was a pound and a half I was very small I couldn’t eat, not even breathe… I was so small everyone thought I was going to die I was so small I couldn’t fit on my mother's hand I was so small my bed used to be a shoe box I was so small... Continue Reading →


There is something nostalgic about going to the airport to pick up someone... Loved ones with roses, or balloons. People lingering in the room. All minding their own business, some people resting, killing time before their next adventure. Others looking at the flight status screen, wondering if the plane is on approach or if the... Continue Reading →


Hola, This poem, is a response to the documentary Which Way Home, I watched the documentary during a special event at The New School when I was an undergraduate student in the Spring of 2011. On my way home I was very emotional. When I am very emotional I normally I write, and that is what I did on my way home that afternoon. Enjoy!

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